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The list of groups was opened. I don’t have many groups in my list, but the implementers of the site VK made very comfortable function of sorting. The list is organized not according the number of subscribers that would be logical but according frequency of visiting this or that group. Those groups that are visited more frequently are on the top of that list.
Wait a little! We forgot about our exercise. Let’s repeat what we’ve learnt before and then we’ll learn a new line and after that we continue. 

Let’s add 4th line and repeat aloud:
They will bury us deep, once we’re dead,
And the grass will then cover the mound,
And we’ll hear: somewhere high, overhead,
A passing shower will water the ground.

It seems that this method is working. It’s very important for me to understand it because it means that I can use other methods of Atkinson.
Yes! The method is really working, I can’t forget these three lines, - said Gurohide.
- Because we finished with our lesson let’s continue with group.
There are no reason to invite people to a group before it will be completed. Everyone who was invited if only they don’t know you personally when they see empty page they’ll ignore such invitation. But completing the group is not the most important thing. When you create a group the first thing you have to do it’s to decide the purpose of its creation. You’ll have to work with it, to place information in it, answer questions of subscribers and to organize different competitions or something like this. Do you have enough time to spend it for this?

What can you offer me?
I can offer you to become an administrator of existing project - the group about you and me.
But it will very be boring group.
Thank you very much, you’ve just called me boring and yourself as well. I’ve only recently understood that it’s not necessary to be funny the main thing for uniting people it’s to be useful for them and this usefulness should be so vivid that everyone who look into that group should understand that they have food for their brain. That is why it’s so necessary to decide to what theme will be dedicated our group.

I think you have a ready answer and now you only talk nonsense to make me to work. But I’m not interested in it. I’m busy with study and other things. If you want to be busy with the group take care of it. If you have something specific let me know and I’ll think. And now I’ll just listen to you. You may continue to buzz how spaceships furrow the great spaces of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Cool, it’s interesting that you remembered that line. Just recently I’ve seen the comment of americans about soviet movies which were filmed in the last century in one of the group. The comments were so great, I enjoyed reading them. But they didn’t understand cartoon “Hedgehog in fog” and the movie “Brother” but the rest of the comments were great. - I decided to show the girl that page. I’ve just recently made a repost of it that is why clicked on the list of my recording in VK and began to look for notes. > Click>>
(Original на русском)

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