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I filled the bath with hot water, strewed to water flavored salt and got into it to relax. The day wasn't easy and plus that survival game. I need to finish playing such games. Now it’s time for relaxation. The best way to relax is to lay down into bathtub with hot water, especially when on the surface of water are swimming aroma of herbs and exotic fruit. You immediately want to relax and read useful book. The next moment after I've thought it a book fell down on my head. It was the book with bright cover written by Kjell A Nordstrom “Funky Business”.
I caught the book with wet hands and saved it from complete destruction. The book was opened in the middle and I read: “What in reality does a woman buy when she’s buying lipstick? From one side she buys just colored fat in a special container. But from the other side she buys hope that someone will tell her: “You’re so beautiful, I love you, come with me”. This is at least what most of men buy when they chose a lotion after shaving. Why shouldn’t women be different. This is true for all goods. What did you really buy when you came home with new telephone Nokia, pair trousers of Gap or player Walkman produced by Sony?
A lesson from it is that what companies sell and what people buy are different things. That is why it’s useful to put yourself on a place of client and ask yourself: “What do they really buy? In 99 cases from 100 it’s not what you sell.”
What does this text mean? Is this a message? I decided to think about it after I get out bath.
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