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I fell a sleep as soon as my head reached the pillow. It was as if I fell through the bed and I got inside of it. I began to touch the surface - it was walls upholstered with blanket. I don’t know what that feeling remind me. It was as if I was inside of a cocoon, though… A cocoon should be wrapped around me and there I felt corners. That was how looked a bed on the wrong side.
I decided to bring me back on the bed. I began to push the bottom of the bed but against my expectations I didn’t get on a the bed. The bottom of the bed broke down and I followed after it.
The bottom of the bed was as a door for me to other dimension. The way I was moving there was against the law of gravitation. I didn’t feel my weight and had a feeling as if the whole world was overthrew sideways. Without thinking I sprang to my feet >>
(Original на русском)

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