LifeCrowd 2963

Two girls turned their heads when they heard my applauses. When they saw me they realized the reason of their problems. I understood that after both of them without saying a word hovered in the air and like predator moved towards me.
I lost my head from such suddenness.

But in next moment I felt that I had something inside of my raincoat…
I drew from the raincoat black bottle that looked like stain repellent with paint. “Venena” was written on it with golden letters and had a skull with chicken bones.

Poison? The eyes of two furious women were so frightening that I began to spray contents of the bottle without thinking. It was strange but the smell of spraying essence reminded the smell of paint. And when I noticed that the surprised girls began to turn into two bronze statues I understood that my guesses were right. The bottle soon became empty and I decided to use the time of confusion and ran away >>
(Original на русском)

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