Code for Sims 4

There are all codes for sims 4 here. If you know any other codes that we didn’t mention here, please, write in our group:

All codes sims 4 have to be written in a bar which is called console. In order it appear in the game you should press CTRL + SHIFT + C after that write code which you need. To close console you can with the help Еnter or Esc.

Main codes for Sims 4:

Help - brings out the list of all available codes.
resetSim {Name} {Surname} - reset of sim
fullscreen - switch on and switch off fullscreen
headlineeffects on/off - switch on and switch off the display of thoughts above the sim
hovereffects on/off - take away white contour when you point to the sim or object
Death.toggle - switch off the coming of Death, the sims can’t die any more
FreeRealEstate on/off - all houses become free of charge (you can perform  input of the code when you’re in the region or in the town)
motherlode - add 50 000 simoleons
kaching - add 1000 simoleons
rosebud - add 1000 simoleons
Shift + ] - make bigger the size of objects

Code of implementer for Sims 4:

TestingCheats true/false - when you input code of implementer you can use following possibilities:

cas.fulleditmode - give you access to the concealed possibilities of the room where a character is created (CAS)

Shift + click on the sim:
Reset Object - reset of the sim
Add to Family - add the sim to the family
Modify in CAS - move the sim into CAS, where you can change everything except name and features of character 
Cheat Motive>Make Happy - immediately raise all needs to the maximum
Cheat Motive>Enable Motive Decay - activate the changing of needs scale
Cheat Motive>Disable Motive Decay - switch off needs

Shift + click on the object:
Reset Object - reset of the object
Make Dirty - make the object dirty
Make Clean - clean the object

Shift + click on the mailbox:
Reset Object - reset the mailbox

Shift + click on the ground:
Teleport Me Here - move sim to the maximal close distance to the chosen place (on the active lot)

Codes of skills:
level 10 (you can put from 1 to 10).

mechanics - stats.set_skill_level Major_Handiness 10
garden - stats.set_skill_level Major_Gardening 10
fishing - stats.set_skill_level Major_Fishing 10
cook - stats.set_skill_level Major_HomestyleCooking 10
beverages - stats.set_skill_level Major_Bartending 10
gourmand - stats.set_skill_level Major_GourmetCooking 10
piano - stats.set_skill_level Major_Piano 10
violin - stats.set_skill_level Major_Violin 10
guitar - stats.set_skill_level Major_Guitar 10
painting - stats.set_skill_level Major_Painting 10
logic - stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic 10
fitness workouts - stats.set_skill_level Skill_Fitness 10
charm - stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma 10
writer - stats.set_skill_level Major_Writing 10
comedy - stats.set_skill_level Major_Comedy 10
video games - stats.set_skill_level Major_VideoGaming 10
programmer - stats.set_skill_level Major_Programming 10
rocket - stats.set_skill_level Major_RocketScience 10
shabby tricks - stats.set_skill_level Major_Mischief 10
work as Death - stats.set_skill_level Major_Reaping 10

for kids:
motility - stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Motor 10
communication - stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Social 10
intelligence - stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Mental 10
creativity - stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Creativity 10

Codes for uplifting in the career:
cook - careers.promote Culinary
writer - careers.promote Writer
painter - careers.promote Painter
performer - careers.promote Entertainer
technical expert - careers.promote TechGuru
secret agent - careers.promote SecretAgent
criminality - careers.promote Criminal
astronaut - careers.promote Astronaut

Codes for upgrading teenagers’ career:
barman - careers.promote Barista
babysitter - careers.promote BabySitter
employee of quick service sphere - careers.promote FastFood
unskilled worker - careers.promote ManualLabor
employee of retail sphere - careers.promote Retail

Codes for uplift kids and teenagers’ grade:
uplift the school grade of kids - Careers.promote Gradeschool
uplift the school grade of teenagers - Careers.promote Highschool

Codes for reduction of career:
cook - Careers.demote Culinary
writer - Careers.demote Writer
painter - Careers.demote Painter
performer - Careers.demote Entertainer
technical expert - Careers.demote TechGuru
secret agent - Careers.demote SecretAgent
criminality - Careers.demote Criminal
astronaut - Careers.demote Astronaut

Codes for reduction of teenagers career:
barman - careers.demote Barista
babysitter - careers.demote BabySitter
employee of quick service sphere - careers.demote FastFood
unskilled worker - careers.demote ManualLabor
employee of retail sphere - careers.demote Retail

Code for uplift relationships:
modifyrelationship <значение от 0 до 100< - uplift scale of relationships (friend-like/romantic) with the chosen sim
Kind of relationships: Friendship_Main/Romance_Main
Example of input of code: modifyrelationship Джим Пейн Клэр Смит 100 Friendship_Main

relationship.make_all_sims_friends - uplift relationship with all inhabitants
relationships.create_friends_for_sim - generate on your lot an accidental sim with half filled scale of friendship relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others - get acquainted with all inhabitants
relationship.destroy - break relationship with chosen sim (code is on id lower)
relationship.add_bit - change kind of relationship between chosen sims
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