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LifeCrowd 2963

Two girls turned their heads when they heard my applauses. When they saw me they realized the reason of their problems. I understood that after both of them without saying a word hovered in the air and like predator moved towards me.
I lost my head from such suddenness.

But in next moment I felt that I had something inside of my raincoat…
I drew from the raincoat black bottle that looked like stain repellent with paint. “Venena” was written on it with golden letters and had a skull with chicken bones.

Poison? The eyes of two furious women were so frightening that I began to spray contents of the bottle without thinking. It was strange but the smell of spraying essence reminded the smell of paint. And when I noticed that the surprised girls began to turn into two bronze statues I understood that my guesses were right. The bottle soon became empty and I decided to use the time of confusion and ran away >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2964

I was running as wind, it seemed that my feet didn’t touch the ground and in a moment I was at the place from which was heard barking. But now that sound was like frightened howl that was heard through wicked growling. But it wasn’t dog’s growling. Two girls were growling and fighting and sometimes the cat that turned around their feet made wicked sounds when they stepped on it. The girls didn’t pay attention to the cat. They themselves looked like cats which fought with each other.
I quietly watched how joyfully spinned those two. In one of those girls I immediately recognized Gurohide and the second I didn’t know. She looked like my neighbor from upper flat, I think her name was Vika.
Finally I decided to show up and made a step forward and defiantly began to applaud >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2965

I didn’t see my reflection in the mirror, instead a grey skeleton looked at me with its empty eye-pits. I took the bedspread and rolled up myself in it, like in raincoat. Now my reflection reminded me a poem written by Blok about a skeleton in a raincoat that looked for poison in a drug store.
I had got an idea to walk along streets and looked for lonely lantern. In a moment I was in a street. It was dark night, a dog began to bark somewhere and I rushed as fast as wind in the direction of barking >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2966

I was standing in the coffin which was on the table in the dim lit room. - I can expect everything from Gurohide. - In one jump I reached the wall where was the mirror covered with black bedspread. Unconsciously I wanted to see myself, I threw off the bedspread >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2967

Everything swam around me and I appeared in front of Gurohide, Vika and her cat. When Gurohide noticed the sight of me, she immediately pushed away the girl and in one jump she overpassed the length that was between us.I understood that according to the scenario all of us had to become vampires, that was why I didn’t fight and just bend my head for a bite.
The bite was quite painful, in a next moment I felt dizzy and my conscience left me.
When I came back to my mind and opened my eyes, I noticed that it was dark around me and the air was frowsy.
I tried to stand up but it wasn't easy to do. I was surrounded by the walls upholstered with fabric. When I found out that I guessed that I was in a coffin. I gathered all my strength and opened the top of the coffin.
Open the top of the coffin >>
(Original на русском)

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Code for Sims 4

There are all codes for sims 4 here. If you know any other codes that we didn’t mention here, please, write in our group:

All codes sims 4 have to be written in a bar which is called console. In order it appear in the game you should press CTRL + SHIFT + C after that write code which you need. To close console you can with the help Еnter or Esc.

Main codes for Sims 4:

Help - brings out the list of all available codes.
resetSim {Name} {Surname} - reset of sim
fullscreen - switch on and switch off fullscreen
headlineeffects on/off - switch on and switch off the display of thoughts above the sim
hovereffects on/off - take away white contour when you point to the sim or object
Death.toggle - switch off the coming of Death, the sims can’t die any more
FreeRealEstate on/off - all houses become free of charge (you can perform  input of the code when you’re in the region or in the town)
motherlode - add 50 000 simoleons
kaching - add 1000 simoleons
rosebud - add 1000 simoleons
Shift + ] - make bigger the size of objects

Code of implementer for Sims 4:

TestingCheats true/false - when you input code of implementer you can use following possibilities:

cas.fulleditmode - give you access to the concealed possibilities of the room where a character is created (CAS)

Shift + click on the sim:
Reset Object - reset of the sim
Add to Family - add the sim to the family
Modify in CAS - move the sim into CAS, where you can change everything except name and features of character 
Cheat Motive>Make Happy - immediately raise all needs to the maximum
Cheat Motive>Enable Motive Decay - activate the changing of needs scale
Cheat Motive>Disable Motive Decay - switch off needs

Shift + click on the object:
Reset Object - reset of the object
Make Dirty - make the object dirty
Make Clean - clean the object

Shift + click on the mailbox:
Reset Object - reset the mailbox

Shift + click on the ground:
Teleport Me Here - move sim to the maximal close distance to the chosen place (on the active lot)

Codes of skills:
level 10 (you can put from 1 to 10).

mechanics - stats.set_skill_level Major_Handiness 10
garden - stats.set_skill_level Major_Gardening 10
fishing - stats.set_skill_level Major_Fishing 10
cook - stats.set_skill_level Major_HomestyleCooking 10
beverages - stats.set_skill_level Major_Bartending 10
gourmand - stats.set_skill_level Major_GourmetCooking 10
piano - stats.set_skill_level Major_Piano 10
violin - stats.set_skill_level Major_Violin 10
guitar - stats.set_skill_level Major_Guitar 10
painting - stats.set_skill_level Major_Painting 10
logic - stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic 10
fitness workouts - stats.set_skill_level Skill_Fitness 10
charm - stats.set_skill_level Major_Charisma 10
writer - stats.set_skill_level Major_Writing 10
comedy - stats.set_skill_level Major_Comedy 10
video games - stats.set_skill_level Major_VideoGaming 10
programmer - stats.set_skill_level Major_Programming 10
rocket - stats.set_skill_level Major_RocketScience 10
shabby tricks - stats.set_skill_level Major_Mischief 10
work as Death - stats.set_skill_level Major_Reaping 10

for kids:
motility - stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Motor 10
communication - stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Social 10
intelligence - stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Mental 10
creativity - stats.set_skill_level Skill_Child_Creativity 10

Codes for uplifting in the career:
cook - careers.promote Culinary
writer - careers.promote Writer
painter - careers.promote Painter
performer - careers.promote Entertainer
technical expert - careers.promote TechGuru
secret agent - careers.promote SecretAgent
criminality - careers.promote Criminal
astronaut - careers.promote Astronaut

Codes for upgrading teenagers’ career:
barman - careers.promote Barista
babysitter - careers.promote BabySitter
employee of quick service sphere - careers.promote FastFood
unskilled worker - careers.promote ManualLabor
employee of retail sphere - careers.promote Retail

Codes for uplift kids and teenagers’ grade:
uplift the school grade of kids - Careers.promote Gradeschool
uplift the school grade of teenagers - Careers.promote Highschool

Codes for reduction of career:
cook - Careers.demote Culinary
writer - Careers.demote Writer
painter - Careers.demote Painter
performer - Careers.demote Entertainer
technical expert - Careers.demote TechGuru
secret agent - Careers.demote SecretAgent
criminality - Careers.demote Criminal
astronaut - Careers.demote Astronaut

Codes for reduction of teenagers career:
barman - careers.demote Barista
babysitter - careers.demote BabySitter
employee of quick service sphere - careers.demote FastFood
unskilled worker - careers.demote ManualLabor
employee of retail sphere - careers.demote Retail

Code for uplift relationships:
modifyrelationship <значение от 0 до 100< - uplift scale of relationships (friend-like/romantic) with the chosen sim
Kind of relationships: Friendship_Main/Romance_Main
Example of input of code: modifyrelationship Джим Пейн Клэр Смит 100 Friendship_Main

relationship.make_all_sims_friends - uplift relationship with all inhabitants
relationships.create_friends_for_sim - generate on your lot an accidental sim with half filled scale of friendship relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others - get acquainted with all inhabitants
relationship.destroy - break relationship with chosen sim (code is on id lower)
relationship.add_bit - change kind of relationship between chosen sims
Ago <<

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LifeGame 2968

Water began to boil. I made some more sandwiches and prepared tea for Gurohide and put everything on the tray and went to the room. Viktoria didn’t waste her time. She found a game SIMS-4 from somewhere and changed clothes on Curohide.
- What’s wrong here, I don’t understand? You have a strange version of this game. I know several dozens of additions of the game: Night clubs; Celebrities; Jacuzzi; Vehicles; Vampires; Animals; University; Supermodels; Times of year; Magic; Karaoke; Amusement parks; Cemeteries; New Year; Aquapark; Sport and others, but this version doesn’t look like any of those.
- I’ve noticed that Gurohide shifted from one foot to the other and angrily looked at me when Vika undress her and left her in the underwear.

- I think I understood, - I said to myself.
- Did you understand, really? - said Viktoria to me. - And what is the name of this version?
- You know this version is not ready yet, I think you shouldn’t set going the program, it will malfunction.
- Wait a little bit, I spent so much time to create a good character. Look here! I made a real vampire. I think that this game is a upgraded variant of Twilight, Vampires or Cemetery.

I could only smile.
Viktoria started the game and announced that now she will show me how Vampires bite people.
- No-no-no! Don’t do this! Please! - I begged her, but the girl was stubborn. She sent Gurohide to the center of the town to go people hunting, then she said that she needed more money and she pressed on keyboard Ctrl+Shift+C

The console for inputting codes appeared on the screen, and Vika began to add one code after another:
• FreeRealEstate on - this is a cheat code that help you to have all houses for free;
• motherlode - add 50 000 simoleons to the family wallet;
• kaching - add 1000 simoleons to the family wallet;
• testingcheats true - code of designer;
• cas.fulleditmode - if you input tesingcheats true and after that cas.fulleditmode then the secret abilities of CAS are starting to work.

- Now we can do with her anything we like. She will be rich, happy and her career will go up. - Viktoria was glad, she took tea and sandwich that I prepared for Gurohide and filled the mouth with it she smiled.

In that moment her cat Elza was tempted by the sandwich. Elza didn’t want to be caught that is why she tried to pull out it from the girl’s hand. She jumped up, but she didn’t count the length right and she flew to the monitor. The girl stretched after her and they both were drawn into that crazy illuminated box.
In the moment I saw the girl with the cat in her hands near Gurohide. In a second Gurohide stroke her teeth into the girl’s throat. The blood ran from her throat and painted her dress with red stripes. I didn’t have other options I had to save the girl.
Stretch the hand to the monitor >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2969

Before I opened eyes I understood that someone was there. It’s interesting, if I would lay on the bed with closed eyes what would happened? The next thing I heard helped me to wake up immediately. It was cat’s purr. A cat was sitting close to my head. She was shifting from one foot to the other and the same time she was digging her nails into my pillow and looking attentively at me. Her look was so attentive, I thought that she admired me. I stretched my hand to her but she hissed and jumped on the floor. I stood up and followed her.
- How interesting. It means that in our world you walk as a cat? - I addressed to the animal.
Suddenly I heard the door bell. I put on my clothes and went to open the door.
It was a 15 years old girl at the door.
- Hello, our cat has jumped to you balcony and we are your neighbors from upper floor. She fell down from the parapet but she succeeded to jump to you.
- Come in and you can go to catch your cat. We’ve got acquainted with her already. I think she is in the kitchen. The girl furtively went to the kitchen, but when the cat saw her she tensed up and rushed to the room.
- It seems that your cat doesn't love you if she decided to jump from the balcony. What did you do to her?
- I didn’t do anything to her, we just played together but she doesn’t like to be dressed and I wanted her to become a proper pussy cat.
- I see, you like attires?
- I’m a girl and as all girls I like dresses, dolls and other such things. We had a nice conversation and during that time we chased the cat from the room to the kitchen and from the kitchen to the room. But we’re not very good strategists because the cat was slipping from our opened hands all the time.

- Do you know what? - suddenly said the girl. - Do you have sausage?
- It should be in the fridge.
- Then make a sandwich for me.
- OK. Then let’s go to the kitchen. What is your name, by the way?
- Vika.
- Viktoria means victory. With such name we for sure will catch your cat.

I pushed the button on the kettle and opened the fridge.
You didn’t understand me right. Elza, my cat can’t stand when I eat something, she immediately comes and begins to ask the food. This is how I’m going to catch her.
Well, Vika, and my name’s Anonimus, because we began to talk about food I want to offer you tea with sandwiches for our acquaintance. Are you agree?
I’m absolutely for it, - the girl smiled at me and sat down at the table.
I prepared tea, sandwiches and we sat down to drink tea. Vika pointedly bit her sandwich and called the cat. But Elza didn’t want to show up. I offered the girl to go to the room to be closer to the cat and we took a plate with sandwiches and cups with tea went there.
How could I forget the mystery of my dark corridor? Sure it was not one sandwich got through it.
- Interesting things are happening here, - said Vika. - Maybe you can show tricks? Where are the sandwiches from the plate?
- What can I answer you? I better show you.
I turned on the laptop. Vika was finishing the last sandwich which survived because it was in her hands. The cat was under the bed and I went to the kitchen. I didn’t want to lose relationship with Gurohide that is why I went to prepare tea for her.
Turn on kettle >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2970

I laid down on the bed but couldn't fall a sleep for a long time. The roofs of the houses were glimpsed in front of my eyes. I was watching how Gurohide jumped, did somersault, then I suddenly appeared near her. 3D cutscene appeared in front of my eyes then I heard the announcement that we were in the universe Dark Age. I attached significance to this only when the clothes on me and her were changed.
I began to dance. I’ve never danced in my life and here we floated, danced and it was wonderful. We were real dancing pair and spectators applauded us till the morning. In the morning I woke up and turned my head on the left and opened my eyes >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2971

To read the story from the beginning, come back to the fork or one step back.
I really decided to dedicate myself to games. They are interesting, they educate, games are interactive stories where you became the main hero.
Games is my main thing!
I poured coffee into a cup and enjoying the aroma of it went to the room where Gurohide was waiting for me.
- I decided to play another game with you but now I’ll tell you what you do, are you agree? - The girl smiled and nodded.
- What are we going to play in?
- I offer to try the game “Mirrors Edge”. This is the dynamic game and it tells about the world of parkour and the most important thing the main character is a girl. Will you be that girl?
- Yes, let’s download the game and we’ll see your world of parkour, - she answered.
- I moved the tag of the game closer to her and she caught it. The music began to play and the game started.

Oh… It was really cool. I didn’t noticed how time flew. When I finished the game I had such feeling that I could go to the balcony and ran on the roofs far away.
- Thank you for the game. It was very cool. Let’s repeat it tomorrow? - I told to the girl.
- Thank you, it was really great and special gratitude to you that I wasn’t killed too often in the game. - She answered. - You want to repeat? OK, but this time I’ll tell you what to do.
I smiled, wished “Good night” to Gurohide and went to bed.
Turn off light >>
(Original на русском) 

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LifeGame 2972

I poured out water into a cezve and add coffee. My hands were still shaking. I won’t recover soon from such shock. But from other side everything that happens with you is your life. The rest is just empty and absurd glimpse of days in the calendar. Emotions in this world are the only thing for what we should pay. I remembered that I had that thought before. The last time when that thought visited me when I read an utopian book of Viktor Pelevin “Love to three tsukerbrin”. The main hero paid for everything with his sufferings as with currency. There I felt something like that but what would be a prize for that? Life or game?
It’s cool to play when your own life is the prize in the game. Now I’ll have a cup of coffee, change my clothes and again will begin to play. Maybe now we will choose more fast-paced game. The coffee was ready.
Remove coffee from the cooker >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2969

I was standing in a coffin which was on the table in a dim lighted room.
Yes, - flashed through my mind, - I can wait from Gurohide anything.
In one jump I appeared near the wall of the room. There was a mirror covered with a black coverlet. I wanted to see myself in the mirror,
I threw off the coverlet >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2970

I fell a sleep as soon as my head reached the pillow. It was as if I fell through the bed and I got inside of it. I began to touch the surface - it was walls upholstered with blanket. I don’t know what that feeling remind me. It was as if I was inside of a cocoon, though… A cocoon should be wrapped around me and there I felt corners. That was how looked a bed on the wrong side.
I decided to bring me back on the bed. I began to push the bottom of the bed but against my expectations I didn’t get on a the bed. The bottom of the bed broke down and I followed after it.
The bottom of the bed was as a door for me to other dimension. The way I was moving there was against the law of gravitation. I didn’t feel my weight and had a feeling as if the whole world was overthrew sideways. Without thinking I sprang to my feet >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2971

After bath I decided to continue to do relaxing exercises and began to do Yoga before going to bed. I always hadn’t enough time for sleep. And they promised that exercises of Yoga will help to save time for sleep.
I don’t trust everything people say but when I began to study Yoga, I understood that those exercises will help to sleep better. So. I made several inhales-exhales laying on the back in my bed. The main thing when you’re breathing to imagine that the air doesn’t go through your nose but through different part of your body - from your palms, back, toes.
Then I did exercise called Shirshasana, most of the people know this exercise as a headstand. I stood on my head till I became dizzy.
There are some other relaxing exercises such as bhujangasana. This exercise is also called “Cobra”. To do it right you have to lie prone on the floor. Stretch your legs back, tops of the feet on the floor. Spread your hands on the floor under your shoulders. Hug the elbows back into your body. Firm the shoulder blades against the back, puffing the side ribs forward. Lift through the top of the sternum. Distribute the backbend evenly throughout the entire spine. Hold the pose anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes, breathing easily.
Just recently I’ve begun to do Yoga for my body but exercises for my memory I’m doing for the whole week. Do you remember I told you about poems? It’s time to repeat it.

They will bury us deep, once we’re dead,
And the grass will then cover the mound,
And we’ll hear: somewhere high, overhead,
A passing shower will water the ground.
From then on, we’ll seek nothing at all,
Waking up from a dream, we will reason:
If it’s quiet outside – it’s the fall,

Line after line the poem stays in my memory and I hope that I’ll do everything that I planned. And now time to sleep.
Close the eyes>>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2972

I filled the bath with hot water, strewed to water flavored salt and got into it to relax. The day wasn't easy and plus that survival game. I need to finish playing such games. Now it’s time for relaxation. The best way to relax is to lay down into bathtub with hot water, especially when on the surface of water are swimming aroma of herbs and exotic fruit. You immediately want to relax and read useful book. The next moment after I've thought it a book fell down on my head. It was the book with bright cover written by Kjell A Nordstrom “Funky Business”.
I caught the book with wet hands and saved it from complete destruction. The book was opened in the middle and I read: “What in reality does a woman buy when she’s buying lipstick? From one side she buys just colored fat in a special container. But from the other side she buys hope that someone will tell her: “You’re so beautiful, I love you, come with me”. This is at least what most of men buy when they chose a lotion after shaving. Why shouldn’t women be different. This is true for all goods. What did you really buy when you came home with new telephone Nokia, pair trousers of Gap or player Walkman produced by Sony?
A lesson from it is that what companies sell and what people buy are different things. That is why it’s useful to put yourself on a place of client and ask yourself: “What do they really buy? In 99 cases from 100 it’s not what you sell.”
What does this text mean? Is this a message? I decided to think about it after I get out bath.
>Continue relaxation>>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2973

We had fun playing! But I think I would have better success if she didn’t help me with her clues. Sometimes it was unbearable. Several times I lost my lives and it was quite painful. I couldn't reach the end of the game because time was up. But it’s OK I’ll finish next time. And now I need to take some drops of sedative drug and take a bath with bubbles.
Where are you going? - She asked me.

I’ll go to wash away blood, mud and dirt. And I’m tired of running around and jumping, and trying to save you in that dark-dark forest.

So sit there by yourself and think, or better repeat our exercise. Here is new line:

They will bury us deep, once we’re dead,
And the grass will then cover the mound,
And we’ll hear: somewhere high, overhead,
A passing shower will water the ground.
From then on, we’ll seek nothing at all,
Waking up from a dream, we will reason:

- And I’m going to the bathroom! >Go to the bathroom>> >Go to the kitchen>>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2974

Here is the recording: The foreigners about soviet movies. I’ve wanted to show you something else. Recently I’ve found a poem in one of the groups. What do you think about it?  Серебристая серпоклювка. I hope you like it as much as I.

And we also should practice learning our poem, today we’re learning one more line:

They will bury us deep, once we’re dead,
And the grass will then cover the mound,
And we’ll hear: somewhere high, overhead,
A passing shower will water the ground.
From then on, we’ll seek nothing at all,

 - Don’t you think that what are you doing now is looked like as information attack on me? - Said the girl. - I don’t have anything against watching everything, reading and listening but don’t cast all information on me at once, I'll get confused. And by the way, I’ve read that the best way to learn new information through playing a game. Do you want to play a game?

 - A game? I always ready to play computer games! Chose any game, we’ll create our characters and we'll go out to conquest the playing universe.
 - Sounds attractive, what game will we chose?
 - I’ve just remembered one. It’s called LIMBO. The category of it is horror. You’ll like it. Let’s start it up, - I've moved the label of the game closer to her.
 - She has jumped and pressed it with two hands and in a second she appeared in the bush. In that game she was a sister of the boy who after overcoming all obstacles had to save her.
 - I’ve tried to examine her shadow-figure in the game and in a moment fell down into darkness. The falling was fast and painful. But if you want to play then play. And I stood up.  >Stand up>>
(Original на русском) 

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LifeCrowd 2975

The list of groups was opened. I don’t have many groups in my list, but the implementers of the site VK made very comfortable function of sorting. The list is organized not according the number of subscribers that would be logical but according frequency of visiting this or that group. Those groups that are visited more frequently are on the top of that list.
Wait a little! We forgot about our exercise. Let’s repeat what we’ve learnt before and then we’ll learn a new line and after that we continue. 

Let’s add 4th line and repeat aloud:
They will bury us deep, once we’re dead,
And the grass will then cover the mound,
And we’ll hear: somewhere high, overhead,
A passing shower will water the ground.

It seems that this method is working. It’s very important for me to understand it because it means that I can use other methods of Atkinson.
Yes! The method is really working, I can’t forget these three lines, - said Gurohide.
- Because we finished with our lesson let’s continue with group.
There are no reason to invite people to a group before it will be completed. Everyone who was invited if only they don’t know you personally when they see empty page they’ll ignore such invitation. But completing the group is not the most important thing. When you create a group the first thing you have to do it’s to decide the purpose of its creation. You’ll have to work with it, to place information in it, answer questions of subscribers and to organize different competitions or something like this. Do you have enough time to spend it for this?

What can you offer me?
I can offer you to become an administrator of existing project - the group about you and me.
But it will very be boring group.
Thank you very much, you’ve just called me boring and yourself as well. I’ve only recently understood that it’s not necessary to be funny the main thing for uniting people it’s to be useful for them and this usefulness should be so vivid that everyone who look into that group should understand that they have food for their brain. That is why it’s so necessary to decide to what theme will be dedicated our group.

I think you have a ready answer and now you only talk nonsense to make me to work. But I’m not interested in it. I’m busy with study and other things. If you want to be busy with the group take care of it. If you have something specific let me know and I’ll think. And now I’ll just listen to you. You may continue to buzz how spaceships furrow the great spaces of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Cool, it’s interesting that you remembered that line. Just recently I’ve seen the comment of americans about soviet movies which were filmed in the last century in one of the group. The comments were so great, I enjoyed reading them. But they didn’t understand cartoon “Hedgehog in fog” and the movie “Brother” but the rest of the comments were great. - I decided to show the girl that page. I’ve just recently made a repost of it that is why clicked on the list of my recording in VK and began to look for notes. > Click>>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2976

Folder [Pharmaceutic humor]. Oh! ye-e-e-e! It’s not empty! I was hanging up there for half an hour looking through the pictures and reading different stories and jokes on paramedical themes.
When I finished reading, Gurohide was looking at me very attentively, - Listen, - she told me. - You know what, I entered VK and found out that part of communities to which I was signed were blocked by administration. And there was such words:

Community was blocked for attracting participants with the help of a spam.
Comments of moderator: Community was blocked for advancing with the help of spam-messages.

Without the privity of users from their pages many invitations were sent
to join that community. The extensions, intended to be used for downloading audio and video recordings from our site, were busy with distribution of invitations.
If your friends complain that they’re receiving such invitations from you, please, delete all such extensions and third-party programs from your computer and use antivirus

- What should I do? Should I leave the group or it can be banned out? I enjoyed looking through what was published there and here what had happened.
- Don’t worry, your community will be unblocked. There are 176 756 participants in it. It’s true that most of them were invited by spam but there are some users who are really interested in published information. I know about ten methods which SMO and SMM swindlers use for gathering people in groups but the main thing for them to keep subscribers hold on to the groups. And this is a big deal. For this they publish interesting news, create quizzes and to write comments from behalf of different people to make view of alive communication.

- OK, let’s this dead body hang in the list for a while, if it doesn’t become alive, it will be very sad.
- Don’t feel sorry for this, later I’ll tell you why. And now let’s repeat our exercise. Today we’re learning 3 lines. Two of them you should already remember by heart.
They will bury us deep, once we’re dead,
And the grass will then cover the mound,
And we’ll hear: somewhere high, overhead

- I’ll learn those lines. And what about organizing communities? How to do this?
- Let’s start from how to create, to setup and to form communities in VK. I decided to show everything in example and for this purpose I downloaded a browser, opened site VK and clicked “My groups”. Click >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2977

Then I began to learn another poem. I’ve closed my eyes and
the image of night street and faint light of a lantern came to my mind, at the end of the street hardly gleaming the window and the sign on the house was impossible to read. It was dark and quiet. A dog has barked from somewhere behind. A wind began to blow and it brought a rotten smell. A woman limping and vulgar laughing came out of darkness and stopped under the lantern. She was trying to see something at the faint light and she was bringing that thing closer to her eyes. Another woman joined her. They were drunken.
Should I help them? I directed to their side and in a moment I was near them. Both of them were sick! And for a long time! I… I will help them by sharing a poison. In the next moment I was inside of the house with a smoking lamp. There a druggist was sleeping bending double on a sofa. There was no need to bother him. His mixtures were rubbish, lie and poison. But that time I needed only poison…
Empty street. One light was in the window.
Jew druggist was groaning in the dream.

 - Have you imagined a druggist?
 - Br-r-r! Yes, I’ve imagined him very vivid.
 - Look, - Gurohide gave me one more picture. It was a drawing of a hangman, - This is me gift to you in the collection of black pharmaceutic humor!
 - OK, I’ll create such collection, - after those words I created folder on the desktop named “Black pharmaceutic humor”, and put there her drawing. And then clicked it with my mouse. Click >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2978

- You’re right, this is scrawls for sure and according to description of decoding, you’re standing at the edge of important decision, - I told her after studying the picture on the screen.
- I don’t think that my scrawls could mean that I’m going to change my life but I’m planning some changes. I’m bored and I think everything should be different. My life should be bright, vivid, beautiful and interesting.
- The reson of this idea might be that you watch dynamic movies too much.
- Yes, running about, shouting and action. By the way, it’s very good selection. I’ve watched part of those movies and another part I’m going to watch later. How did you learn about them, you’re only part of me?
- I think, you probably saw that list of movies somewhere, and I remembered it as your subconscious and you forgot about it.
- My weak memory, do you think I need to train it?
- I think both of us need to train memory. Let’s practice in learning poems. The first month you’ll learn by one line every day then we grow the quantity. We’ll start our practice with Alexandr Blok - “Night, streets, the lantern”. Do you remember it ?

Night, streets, the lantern, the drugstore,
The meaningless and dusky light.
A quarter of the century more --
All fall the same into your sight!

You died – as it was before –
You have the former way to start:
The streets, the lantern, the drugstore,
Swell of the canal in the night.
(translated by Yevgeny Bonver)

- Yes, beautiful poem, but I’ve known it already. Let’s learn something else.
- Ok, what about this one?

They will bury us deep, once we’re dead,
And the grass will then cover the mound,
And we’ll hear: somewhere high, overhead,
A passing shower will water the ground.

From then on, we’ll seek nothing at all,
Waking up from a dream, we will reason:
If it’s quiet outside – it’s the fall,
If it’s turbulent – spring is in season.

It’s so nice that our drowsy sensations
Won’t troubled by grief and delight,
Separation and love’s complications
Cannot break, through the coffin, inside.

It’s so homely, we’ve found what we sought;
Here, one day, we may just comprehend
How a senseless life differs somewhat
From a sensible one for a man.

October 18, 1915

By Alexander Blok
Translation by Andrey Kneller

- It’s humorless, don’t you think?
- I think dark humour is our credo. Do you remember the phrase from the movie “9 Yards”, where Bruce Willis said that according to statistic the highest addiction to suicide is among dentists?
- No, I don’t remember this movie.
- It’s excellent dynamic comedy! You need to watch it. And this statistic is really exist. The first research was in 1933 and later in 1960 the results confirmed it again. According to some data the biggest percentage of suicides are among doctors in general. If you’re curious you can check the information in english here. In the article is written that the largest amount of suicides are among pharmacologist.
But I don’t think that percentage of suicides of dentists is higher than other doctors. The author of the article mentioned that the reason of it is hard work and fear of visitors.
Are you pranking me because I’ve chosen this profession, aren’t you?
Don’t be angry with me, the drop of black humor will not change your gray sad everyday life. Let’s begin to work! Learn poems and paint peace in bright colors. And first line: “They will bury us deep, once we’re dead”. Remember, close your eyes and repeat.
Close eyes >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2979

- Why did you turn off computer? - she whispered and laughed in respond.
After that I was thrown back to my room. I looked around the room. Nothing had changed there. I stayed for some time in the bed then I turned on computer and went to the kitchen to make a coffee.
When I came back I saw the girl again. This time she had album in her hands and she was drawing something.
 - What are you doing? - I asked her.
 - You won’t believe, I’m drawing scrawls. I’ve read recently that while a person is drawing senseless scrawls he gives himself away. I also want to know the whole truth about myself.
 - Interesting, and when you’re planning to finish your scrawls?
 - I’ve finished already, - she said and tore out the page from the album then she threw paper into the air and it turned into graphics file with extension JPG.

Without thinking I clicked on it with the mouse.
Click >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2980

Suddenly it has become dark and silent, but I still felt my body or it was no my body? I’ve noticed long ago that it's not only hard to feel your arms, legs but also to determine in which state is your body when your eyes are closed and silence around you. But as soon as you made the first movement of your body everything comes to its place. I’ve opened my eyes and looked around with her eyes.
Gurohide closed her eyes again and slowly soundlessly whispered in my head, - Hello!
I don’t know what was the feeling I experienced after her greeting and I wasn’t sure I had that feeling or she. It was warm wave that was moving from the top of my head and down my back. It was so nice that I wanted to sit and catch wave after wave.
 - What are you doing? - she whispered again and from her voice I had goose bumps.
 - I tried to answer her but I couldn’t control her body and I didn’t know how to answer. I was sitting, looking into darkness and listening to silence. She was in earphones, but she wasn’t listening to the music. The earphones created silence around her, they were active sound-absorbing earphones. She was sitting with closed eyes and looking inside herself where I was.
 - I decided to greet her in my thoughts the same way as she did. I whispered greeting inside of my consciousness.
 -  Hi >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2981

When you absolutely naked you feel it even under a blanket. This is strange feeling of freedom and insecurity. I could continue to develop this topic but I wanted to know what other possibilities had the menu. I went back to the item “Clothes” and looked through its sub items. There were all clothes of my wardrobe and I could see there not only their characteristics but also extent of damage, percentage of dirtiness. Groups of clothes were separated by special items and were united among themselves the way I liked to wear - > jeans + blue sweater + shoes, sport wear + running shoes.

Every such group had its own name. It was according to my nature. I had searched a little bit longer and found point “Outward look”. What could be behind that name? I decided to find out that.
Click >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2982

I closed the laptop and jumped under the blanket.
Suddenly the book of this Welliam Atkinson appeared in my hand. It was the same book about controlling a memory: “Memory: How to develop”. I touched the cover of the book and the name changed to “The Law of Attraction”. I touched the book again and the name on the cover became “Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life”.
How easy I can get access to all knowledges that were accumulated by people during the whole history of their existence! And if I imagine that I exist only as servant of her subconscious then my job is only consists of looking for information, analyzing it, and comparison of facts and results. After that I saw my place of work from different perspective.
The skyscraper where I worked, resembled a huge library, which has been building all this time. I remember when I moved to the office there weren’t even basement of two other buildings. That time my laptop was tooled up with a standard winchester for 150 Gbyte. Then they began to construct other building. I remember that awful noise of driving in a pile into the ground, at the same time I decided to upgrade my computer and to change slow winchester to a new one, tooled up with SSD memory.
The memory of laptop declined to 96 Gbyte but its capacity was compensated for external winchester. Later I threw away out of date CD-ROM and on its place I put one more disk. At the same time constructors behind my windows began filling the foundation of another building of my library.
That is how it works…
It’s not me who noticed and compared information. The information was gathering around me. And everything, absolutely everything was happened according to her will but not according to her desire. It seems that she had a passion for Yoga that is why I’ve got those books written by Atkinson.
Have I just thought about him the same moment several books written about Yoga fell on my head. It was “Gnani Yoga”, “The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath”, “The Inner Teachings of the Philosophies and Religions of India”.
I wanted to look to the world through her eyes. I began to meditate and made a movement in the air that I’ve seen in one anime - Sword Art Online.
I’ve moved my hand from up to down and imagined in front of me a game menu. And it has appeared! In front of me I saw a table of abilities, knowledges, actions and other. I’ve remembered that she had such menu in our first meetings.
I decided to do experiment, I’ve chosen item “Clothes” and found a sub-item “Undress” and pushed the button.
> Click>>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2983

- OK! - said I and sat down in front of Gurohide. - Tell me how do you do this or I’ll go mad. I can understand all kinds of magic but this is really some kind of devilry. I have to know everything about it for sure. You’re sitting on the screen and drinking tea with cookies, I don’t know how they’ve got there. And everything has been drawn with the pencil. On my side I don’t see neither tea nor cookies. And everything looks real. How do you do this?
- The girl looked satisfied, boldly grinning and she continued to eat cookies with tea.
- Well, I’ll tell you everything, but you listen and don’t interrupt me. Later you may ask your questions.
- The problem is that real here only I, and you are part me myself. You are my subconscious. Nobody can communicate with their subconscious but I’ve learnt how to do this. People are sure that subconscious is special mechanism that works completely independently and it’s very difficult to influence it. We can only send tasks to our subconscious and to receive finished results without thinking who is really solving the problem, who is looking for information inside of you. To whom we send these tasks and how we get the answers. It’s you who should tell me how everything is organized and not I.
- Do you remember once I’ve read a book by William Atkinson “Memory: How to Develop, Train and Use It”? It’s very old book, Atkinson lived on the edge of two centuries (1862-1932). In the book he calls the subconscious as preconsciousness and also an inner worker. And I’ve imagined you, the way you’re working, fulfilling my commands and even not knowing why and for whom you’re doing this.
- Go on with you! I’ve changed my mind. I’ll find answer myself. And don’t pretend that you have here the main role. - I thought a little bit and didn’t find anything better turned off the computer.
>Click the button “shut down”>>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2984

Because I decided to be a hospitable host I took a tray and put on it second cup. I took cookies and poured out them into a bowl. I prefer to make tea in the teapot but in this case I decided to use teabags. I put a teabag in every cup and added two teaspoons of sugar into every cup (because I thought that second cup I will drink also).
I put everything on the tray and carried to the room.
On the screen Gurohide enjoyed her tea, holding the cup with both of her hands and from time to time she was biting cookies.
Wait! There wasn’t the bowl and one of the cup on the tray. My cookies disappeared some where while I was walking from one room to another in the darkness.
Blow on the cup >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeCrowd 2985

The folding screen was the object that was completely bereaved of parameters for manipulation. I’ve tried to move it, but I hadn’t any success. I’ve clicked on it with different buttons of the mouse but that also hasn’t given any results. I’ve asked the girl to take it away.
And by the way, how should I call you? I’m tired of calling you “hey”.
Call me, Gurohide, - answered the girl, and the folding screen has disappeared, - And how should I call you?
I’m Anonymous.
Fine, what about tea? We can celebrate our acquaintance.
We can drink tea, but I prefer coffee. What do you think about coffee?
You, Anonymous, are as a dealer. You start with coffee and will finish with heroin? I’ll drink only tea!
OK, if you want tea we’ll have tea. - After that I went to the kitchen. I’ve poured water only for two cups into the electrical kettle and after some minutes I’ve heard distinctive click.
> Click >>
(Original на русском)

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