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My strange subconscious mind took side of other person and tortured me with repentance because I was disrespectful towards picture. I was laying in the bed and forming a hypothesis about reasons why I had that dream. Finally I didn’t find the answer and I allowed my thoughts to flow by their own slow way and again fell in a dream. This time I was back to the same situation. I was bound in front of cat woman. Her eyes have lighted through the holes of the mask and she began to talk to me: - I’ve got you, chickabidy?! I’ve decided to punish you for your impudence. - After she said this, the cat woman has cracked her whip in front of my face.
Wait, wait, - I began to jabber, - What are you going to punish me for, and who are you?
It’s not necessary for you to know, - she answered and cracked the whip again > Crack >>
(Original на русском)

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