LifeCrowd 2990

Sharp pain has pierced my cheek and wake me up. I clutched my face and felt blood on it. Because I understood that I won’t sleep this night, I got up and went to the bathroom to study my magic wound.
Wanted a fairy tail? Take it, by the whip straight against the face, - these thoughts were running in my head.
In the mirror I saw a little cut on my face and a trickle of blood.
And what I should do now? If this wound was made by the whip tail then I need to disinfect it and even should make a vorum shot. I don’t know where else she has swished her tail. But if my face has burst from the desire to fantasize then the shot is not necessary. Could it be that I was wounded by myself or…
Exactly! - the thought came to my mind, - there’s somebody in the flat! I took a mop and started hunting for unknown enemy. I’ve closed the door of the bathroom and heard a distinctive sound of a bolt when it takes its right position. > Click >>
(Original на русском)

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