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I walked for some time with the mop in my hand, curtains were scared by my wicked appearance, but I didn’t meet anyone. I didn’t want to sleep and decided to study log-files. Everything looked very simple: the file consisted of recordings of all connections to my screen for the last time. The first thing in the line was data and time of connection, then was code of data station and its name. After that there were cipher data. But it wasn’t encrypting, it looked more as compression for more compact recording. I spent some time on decoding of data and after that the ciphered data line was spread out in a long line. There was ID information of user and his nickname and IP address. It seemed that the girl was from Rostov-na-Donu. I began to read one note after another till I met what I was looking for. Her nickname was Gurohide and ID 155110399. I decided that I had enough information. I closed log-file and began to read files around the working file of program. After I studied folders for 5 minutes, I found file setup.ini, I decided that there I can find the setting operations of the program. I chose to open it with editor and pushed the button > Click>>
(Original на русском)

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