LifeCrowd 2988

Setup.ini indeed contained the information about settings of the program. When I put instead of accidental value the value of definite ID of the girl, I was confident that after next restart I would see her on desktop. I didn’t study the rest of settings and restarted the computer.
As I expected after restart the girl was sitting in her armchair, looking through a magazine and frowningly looked askance to me.
- Hello, - I said her.
She smiled at me and put away the magazine. - Hi, why it took you so long?
- You’ve scared me, what are strange jokes. And by the way, will you always make this show with a whip in my dreams?
She laughed and said that I was scared enough and I can go to sleep. And if I see her she’ll be peacefully sitting in the arm-chair.
- OK, - I’ve agreed with her, shut down the computer and piled under the blanket, reached out to the lamp and turned off the light > Click>>
(Original на русском)

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