LifeCrowd 2986

When computer started to work again, the girl was sitting in her regular place in the arm chair and was typing in her laptop.
Have you seen that? - she asked me without looking at me.
I’m sorry, I’ve turned off the computer immediately, I didn’t want to interfere.
You didn’t like how I danced?
I liked it. It was nice and amusing, but I thought that if I continued to watch you then I’ll have another sleepless night.
Ha-ha-ha, - she pretended as if she laughed.
You are right, I’m vengeful and revengeful. But this time it was my fault and I’m not going to punish you for this. I understand that you’ve found the way how to rectify the program that I’ll every time appear on your screen. I hope you’ll teach me to do the same. And now tell me about yourself. Who are you? And what do you like to do? And I decided to protect myself from such situations and drew a folding screen, look. - She did something in her laptop and on the screen instead of the girl I saw the folding screen behind it I could only guess the shadow-figure of the girl.
After I studied the folding screen for sometime, I decided that I had enjoyed it enough and clicked it with my mouse > Click >>
(Original на русском)

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