I’ve turned on a computer. The laptop has loaded very fast and on a desktop appeared picture of a girl who was hugging her laptop. This Dexpot application is amazing. It downloads a screen of somebody's desktop into my computer every time and the same time my desktop is traveling on someone else’s screens

Suddenly the girl raised her head and looked into my eyes. I nodded to her “Why are you staring at me, silly?” From a speaker I’ve heard her voice sounded a little bit with metallic tone.

- Hi, your desktop also became alive? - she asked me.

- I think, in my case it has happened because I didn’t sleep enough.

Really? - She left her armchair and began to walk along the screen, touching icons and pushing them into different corners. After she kicked down my coursework into the trash I was outraged and clicked on her. Click>>
(Original на русском)

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